Are Webroot Safe Help Experts Certified?

We have a team of professional technicians & industry experts which are holding multiple certifications for their skillset. We strongly believe having a certificate is not only the essential requirement to prove one’s ability, but the way they can resolve your queries and problems shows how knowledgeable and experienced they are.

Can Webroot Safe Help Support Team connect to my computer and resolve my problem?

Yes! The Webroot Safe Help utilizes remote assistance at no additional or hidden cost. Through the remote troubleshooting process, we can analyze and resolve problems in a more efficient & quick way.However, to resolve major issues and connect with your computer system, we’d require your PC to have a proper working Internet Connection.If at any time during the troubleshooting process, the internet gets disconnected, our technicians will assist your over call.

How Long Does It Take to Resolve My Problem?

It depends on the nature of the problems and user’s queries. However, the resolution process of a basic issue can take at most 5 minutes, but some major issues might take it longer.

For example, spam detection and malware removal will take up to 5 hours for complete resolution.

Does Webroot Safe Help sell the product for Webroot?

No. Webroot Safe Help is only a support and solution provider company which can help users in issues resolutions and queries satisfactions.We do not provide any physical or digital products. However, we can guide you how to buy them from the official website of Webroot and how to use its products.

Will Webroot Safe Help Technician Visit My Home to Resolve Issues?

No, Webroot Safe Help only provides remote assistance of queries either via phone, chat, email or Internet.

However, we are able to solve 95% issues over call and for remaining issues which can’t be handled over the call, we can guide you towards a better solution.

How Can I Pay for Webroot Safe Help for Their Services & Assistance?

We accept all kind of credit cards and debit cards. However, cash payment, payment through cheque and money orders are not accepted as per our policies.

How Many Devices I Can Receive Assistance For?

According to our plans and policies, we offer support and solutions for 1 computer whether it is PC or MAC. If you require assistance for more than 1 system, you can upgrade your plan.